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The Dangers of Alcohol

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Directions: The typist who completed this message about the dangers of alcohol made some funny errors. Some important words were left out. When asked to correct the message, the typist scrambled the words left out and put them below the message. See if you can correct the errors. Unscramble the words and then place them correctly in the message.


In spite of the ____________  ____________ that ____________ will make life more fun, it actually is a ____________. Just one drink can ____________ your ____________’s ability to ____________  ____________. ____________  ____________ and use good ____________. Alochol can make you slur your speech, messing up your ability to ____________. If you drink a lot of alcohol, you might even ____________  ____________.


hloaolc ____________

labck uot ____________  ____________

ainrb ____________

otmuinemacc ____________

meak ssondciei ____________

riimap ____________

dsseepatrn ____________

tduemngj ____________

iaedm gesmesa ____________  ____________

losev opermslb ____________  ____________

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